About the event

Ukrainian Mushroom Days is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and the main in Ukraine event for the mushroom industry. The fair is attended by producers of cultivated mushrooms, compost, casing soil and spawn, also by suppliers of equipment for production, measurement, control and storage, producers of racks, nets, packaging, providers of services and others involved in the mushroom sector.

The event attracts companies that produce 95% of Ukrainian cultivated mushrooms and companies that produce 100% of Ukrainian compost. About 15% of participants are from Russia and Belarus. Totally nearly 40% are foreign guests from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, as well as Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey, China and others.


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Information Partners

Ukrainian Mushroom Days are THREE ATTRACTIONS IN ONE.The event includes TWO DAYS of ongoing CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION. And the GALA DINNER PARTY on the first day. The THIRD DAY is free BONUS for participants from Platinum Sponsor – it is devoted to theTOUR to the largest compost yard.

The Conference for mushroom producers

20th – 21st of October

Ukrainian Mushroom Days conference is the big forum where mushroom producers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe meet experts, consultants and discuss the situation in the industry. We invite the best Ukrainian and international speakers to talk about the main and the most urgent topics.



Maksym Yenchenko, Director of UMDIS, Representative of Amycel SARL, Ukraine

How the industry has changed during the pandemic of COVID-19?

Rafal Nawrocki, CEO of Agaris compost yard, Poland

Future of compost in Ukraine

Steve Lodder, Monterey Mushrooms, USA

The benefits of vitamin D as a trigger for mushroom sales.

Daniel Dajewski, President of Agro-Projects, Poland

Agro-Projects` machines for filling and empting Phase II and III compost.

Wim van Vugt, Christiaens Group, The Netherlands

New technology of mushroom picking with a minimum inclusion of human resources.

Roman Stolper, consultant of Amycel SARL, Ukraine

Stereotypes about compost.

Bartosz Jan Skipor-Rybacki, consultant of Agrais, Poland

Fase III – fakts and miths.

Igor Muzyka, Director of the GELEKA-M mushroom farm, Ukraine

Filling of the Phase 3 compost into the growing room with a head filling machine.

Maksym Yenchenko, Director of UMDIS, Representative of Amycel SARL, Ukraine

Eastern European mushroom market.

Bart Minor, Mushroom Council, USA

How to make mushroom promotion and achieve good results?

Nikodem Sakson, consultant, Poland

Disinfection, sanitary condition of chambers and social rooms.

Artem Kovalenko, Owner of mushroom farm VKZ, Ukraine

How the cost of mushroom production has changed.

Joanna Szumigaj-Tarnowska, microbiologist, Assistant professor at the Cultivated Mushroom Laboratory at the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, Poland

Epidemiology, identification and control of Verticillium and Mycogone.

Larisa Abusheminova, Director KazEcoFood

Mushroom production in Kazakhstan. Effective sale of mushrooms on social networks. Larisa Abusheminova


Andrzej Łobzowski, Owner of LAB-EL Elektronika Laboratoryjna, Poland

Modern solutions for climate control in mushroom cultivation.

Wiesław Hreczuch, Doctor, Owner of MEXEO, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland.

Innovations in chlorine dioxide disinfection technology in casing soil production and mushroom cultivation.

Rodion Leonov, the developer of a system for accounting on mushroom farm, Belarus

The automation of accounting for mushroom production.

Veronika Dziuba, export and logistics manager, MEGA Sp.z o.o, Poland.

Mushroom processing.



More than $ 5 million is collected annually by US mushroom growers for research and marketing of mushrooms. These funds are managed by a special organization called the Mushroom Council. The mission of this organization is to ensure the attractiveness of the mushroom as a food product for consumers. As a consequence, this should ensure good prices and sales for mushroom growers. And the Mushroom Council successfully copes with the tasks.

Within the framework of the Days of Ukrainian Mushroom Growing, we will hold a discussion in which the mushroom growers attending the conference will take part.

The Mushroom Council will present:

Bart Minor – current president of the Mushroom Council,
Laura Phelps – President of the American Mushroom Institute at the time of the creation of the Mushroom Council, who put a lot of effort into building the organization,
Curtis Jürgensmeyer is the CEO of JM Farms, whose father was at the origin of the organization.

During the discussion, we will consider the following questions:

  • What mechanisms allow US mushroom growers to raise money for marketing
  • What is the effect of marketing activities to popularize mushrooms and who are the beneficiaries
  • What are the main areas of use of funds
  • What is the role of the state in the functioning of the organization

All participants of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days conference can join the discussion. The discussion is scheduled for the evening of the second day of the conference, October 21.



We will have a live discussion with Mike Stephan, Monterey Mushrooms Sales Director for the US Eastern Region, and Lindsey Occhipinti, Monterey Mushrooms marketing manager.
Monterey Mushrooms is the largest mushroom grower in North America, selling up to 1,000 tons of mushrooms daily!

  • How to avoid daily price competition?
  • Why is Amazon’s price higher than WallMart’s?
  • Why are US retailers ready to fix prices and supply volumes, and how to achieve this?
  • What kind of marketing campaigns help in the sale of champignon?
  • Where are small farms sold in the US?
  • What to do with the second grade?

Exhibition for mushroom producers

20th – 21st of October

From balers for collecting straw to trays for packing mushrooms – suppliers of any goods and services that a mushroom farm needs. The exhibition usually gathers 50 companies-exhibitors from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, China and other countries














All market leaders take part in the exhibition – so you are going to find you among the best!



Design and construction
Tunnel nets
Machinery and equipment
Aluminum shelving
Climate control equipment
Growing equipment, plant protection
Tunnel and growing nets
Casing soil
Design and equipment
Design and equipment
Climate control
Casing soil
Climate control and equipment
Aluminum shelving
Processing equipment
Design, engineering, construction and equipment
Casing soil
Climate control
Desinfection and chemical products
Mushroom farm equipment
Mushroom farm equipment
Casing soil
Special coating
Design, engineering, construction and equipment
Design, engineering, construction and equipment
Design, engineering, construction and equipment
Equipment for analysis
Accounting system for mushroom picking
Cooperative of mushroom producers
Automated sorting and packing systems
Industrial cooling solutions

The Gala Dinner Party

Evening, 20th of October

On the first day we invite all participants and exhibitors for the Gala Dinner.

It is the big banquet with artists, popular singers, dances, competitions, and much fun. The awards of the industry are being presented at this event.

Gala Dinner is the great opportunity to become closer friends with your partners.

Participation in Gala Dinner is free for all participants and exhibitors of Ukrainian Mushroom Days.


BONUS from Platinum Sponsor

Tour to Agaris, the largest compost yard of Ukraine

22nd of October


Gathering near main entrance of Mercury Kyiv Congress Hotel and departure

Arrival to Agaris plant

Seeing the plant

Departure and arrival to Kyiv


Previous Ukrainian Mushroom Days


What people say about us

“It’s nice that the organizers are trying to compile information about modern achievements of science and technology, filter it out exactly for Ukrainian manufacturers, taking into account the realities of the Ukrainian market. And, of course, it was great to meet old friends and colleagues again, to see with whom I was in contact by phone, and make new friends”


“The experience of neighboring countries is always interesting: how they develop, what problems have and how they solve them. I was glad to be a part of the conference, meet old friends and gain new ones. I hope my knowledge and experience were also useful. I wish the conference to develop further in the same vein! “

ALEXANDR LOGVIN, Llogal Bio, Belarus

“I have got a lots of useful information from the conference! Everything was constructive, the circle of acquaintances was increased. I’m ready to be a participation next year as well!”

YAKIV BAIBARAK , Bussines owner, Ukraine

“I liked everything. The task that the organizers requested, was completed. I was encouraged by the reports and interesting exhibition. I am waiting for the invitation to the next conference!”


“Mushroom growing is something that you constantly need to learn. I am very grateful that such an event as l mushroom conference is in our industry. I would like to note the high level of organization: the friendly and attentive attitude of the organizers created a favorable atmosphere for discussing issues on the technology of growing champignons, energy conservation, product promotion to the local and international market, etc. It is also worth noting that the geography of participants is increasing from year to year. I Wish the conference continue to bring together such cool professionals, mushroom growing in our country is developing, and we achieve our goals “

BOHDAN HANNULIAK , Business owner, Ukraine

“The entire exhibition-conference went on brightly. I liked absolutely everything: from the organizing to the gala dinner. The exhibition was good and useful. There was no time when I did not know what to do during the event: the lectures were all informative. Also, I always glad to speak to my colleagues. That’s why I’m going to attend the next conference in 2020 necessarily.”


“The impressions are positive only: a lot of interesting and useful information, pleasant meetings with friends and new acquaintances. In general, conferences are always a good experience, therefore, if I have the opportunity to visit next time, I will look forward to relevant and informative reports and discussions with colleagues.”


“Mark den Auden presented his book at the last conference in Kyiv. It was the most expectable event for all manufacturers of champignons. Finally, Ukrainian mushroom growers received a handbook that was written I clear language and with illustration in additional. I wish the UMDIS company professional growth and prosperity. We look forward to your new ideas and new, interesting conferences.”


“Discussion of the most relevant topics that are important for manufactures of cultivated mushrooms, substrate, technologies, and equipment, makes it possible, to improve the quality of products sold to become closer to European standards. Special thanks to the organizers of the conference. Thanks to their efforts the mushroom industry in Ukraine receives special attention and invaluable experience from our European and world partners.”


“I have got a lot of useful information from the conference! Everything was constructive, the circle of acquaintances was increased. I’m ready to be a participation next year as well!”

KYRYLO VITRIAKOV , Business owner, Ukraine

“I would like to thank you for the excellent conference and exhibition. It is noticeable that a lot of effort was put into them. Interesting and topical reports, the possibility of communication and networking, a friendly atmosphere — all these point left a good impression after the conference. Thanks again for everything.”


“The exhibition was wonderful, I got a lot of good impressions, new acquaintances and new information. We will participate in the next exhibition-conference necessarily.”




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Attention! We can’t guarantee the invitation to the Gala Dinner Party in that case


Ticket price for participation as visitor

*upon advance booking

We provide 10% discount in case of two or more participants from one company.
The fee includes:

  • Participation in the conference
  • Visiting the exhibition
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Gala Dinner Party
  • Package of participant`s materials
  • Bonus from Platinum Sponsor – Tour to compost yard

Accommodation is not included in the price, but you can book a room in the Mercury Kyiv Congress Hotel where the exhibition is being organized. To make it –  call the reception at +380442053520 and tell the promo code: “UMDIS”, it gives a 10% discount. 

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Frequently asked questions

We don’t sell the ticket to the exhibition only. The ticket’s fee includes attending the exhibition and the conference

Only the exhibitors, sponsors, and companies that have purchased such an option will have the opportunity to distribute promotional materials. Visitors may distribute their advertising materials in personal contacts, but leaving them at registration desks, on the tables, in the exhibition hall and in other places is forbidden. Here are some variants to advertise: https://www.mushroomdays.in.ua/en/exhibition/ .

Only exhibitors can make a presentation.
We try to make the conference as useful as possible. So to make a strictly advertising presentation is impossible – you will need to agree on the content with us and make it as useful as possible for the listeners.
We include the presentations made by companies in the conference program in the catalogue, and the same as for other reports – we announce them via screens and by voice notifications. The presentations are being held simultaneously with the conference in the main hall.
If you are present and make a presentation live – the cost is 300 Euro (for two presentations on the first and second days). If you buy the option of a virtual stand, two reports are already included in the price. You can find out more info here: https://www.mushroomdays.in.ua/en/exhibition/. Or contact us to find out how to organize it: +380935690941.

We can provide a little discount if you won’t have an opportunity to attend the banquet.

Other discounts for participation are not provided.

All the presentations on the screen will be bilingual.

All presentations in English, German and Polish will be translated to Russian.

Some of the presentations will be translated to English.

You can order the service of a personal interpreter, contact us for more info.


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