TerAgroFarm is a young mushroom production company from Ukraine. Participates in the exhibition and conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” for the first time.


fresh, dried and pickled champignons;
spring onions
green feather onion;
gris (bran);
eggs and other poultry products.

The company began operations in May 2019. Production is situated in Chernelov-Russky,  Ternopil region and is based on the territory of the former cannery.

For this short period of work, the owners restored the closed premises of the former cannery, converted them into mushroom pickers, and also restarted the work of the previously abandoned mill.

The company has 5 mushroom pickers with a total loading capacity of 30 tons. The monthly mushroom harvest is 3.5 tons. The company sells most of the harvest in bulk to retail outlets and catering through intermediaries.

Substandard mushroom lends itself to drying, then cut, packaged in branded craft bags and goes on sale in stores of Ternopil and  region.

Small mushrooms canned and sold in cafes and restaurants.

The company plans to reconstruct the premises for loading 40 tons of compost.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/teragrofarm/

And we recall tthe “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” has a new date – September 7-9, 2020. Meeting Place Unchanged —- Mercury Kyiv Congress Hotel, ul. Vadim Getman, 6, Kiev.

All health and see you soon!