For 50 years ALPIE has been working with passion alongside mushroom and compost producers, creating machines for composting facilities and mushroom growing farms to facilitate and optimize the work of its customers.

In ALPIE you will find:

  • An experienced CONSULTANT who can advise you on the solution that best suits your technology, budget and productivity needs.
  • An INNOVATOR who develops your ideas by giving life to solutions that respond to new needs.
  • A trusted PARTNER who guarantees you constant support and assistance throughout the product life cycle.


ALPIE is located in Trevignano, Italy, and it is a family business, run now by the third generation. Every step of the process is carried out internally, from machine design to production: this allows the company to take care of every detail and to achieve maximum quality control. 

Equipment supplied by ALPIE include:

  • Machines for composting facilities: straw breaking and mixing systems, bunker and tunnel filling machines, tunnel emptying winches, blocking lines;
  • Machines for mushroom farms: head filling machines, equipment to fill blocks and casing, conveyor belts, hoppers, pulling winches, ruffling machines, shelf emptying conveyor belts, net washers and shelf washers.

The characteristics and benefits of ALPIE products are:

  • Reliability and high performance: focus on continuously boosting machines performance and minimize operator intervention to save time and manpower;
  • Strength and durability: thanks to heavy structures and use of stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel, moreover automatic lubrication systems also allow to maximize the life of its machines;
  • Possibility to customize the machine: ALPIE offers different models and options that will allow you to create the machine tailored to your needs, also taking into account specific climatic conditions (for example cold weather);
  • Ease of use and safety: all machines are made in compliance with CE regulations. To ensure maximum safety for operators, the use and maintenance manuals are full of three-dimensional illustrations easy to read.


ALPIE exports its products all over the world, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and it is chosen by the most important companies in the mushroom sector.


Visit ALPIE at booth n. 9 to discover the last innovations and enjoy an immersive tour inside a mushroom farm!