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Maksym Yenchenko: news of Ukrainian and Russia mushroom business

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Maksym Yenchenko is the organizer of  Ukrainian Mushroom Days and Amycel representative in Ukraine. He will talk about the mushroom market in Ukraine and evaluates it.  The report will detail the size of the mushroom market in the country, new trends in the industry, expanding the existing and opening new enterprises. Mushroom Market

The best ways of mushroom promotion by the president of Mushroom Council

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Mushroom Council - объединение производителей грибов в США, задачей которого является увеличение спроса на культивируемые грибы с помощью маркетинга.

High yield secrets by independent consultant and trainer Lina Turovska

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Do you still buy the best medication, switched to phase 3, but the yield is still low? It's time to analyze your mushroom picking system. Our expert Lina Turovska will help with it. She is an  independent consultant and founder of her own training center for mushroom pickers. Lina is a real crisis

Michael Barth: “Nematodes are more effective in mushroom mosquitoes reducing than Сhemicals”

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You can buy officially imported predatory nematodes of the German company E-Nema - one of the world leaders in the production of nematodes. It has been available in Ukraine for more than a year. Farms which use the nematodes instead of Chemicals have a better outcome. Why is this so? How does the

Ihor Muzyka: loading compost Phase 3 into a growing chamber using loading combine

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In recent years, the supply of compost Phase 3 for growing champignons has rapidly increased in Ukraine. Many farms have already seen the benefits of working in the third phase of compost last year - it gives a higher yield, significantly reduces the risk of diseases, has a shorter cycle, producers get high-quality

Rafan Nawrotsky: what will be the future of compost in Ukraine

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The main supplier of compost to the Ukrainian market got a new owner last year. Also it  was given a new name - Agaris. As an industry leader, this is not the first time the company helped organize Ukrainian Mushroom Day and in 2020 Agaris is the Platinum sponsor of the event. Since

Roman Stolper: How to avoid mistakes during mushroom farm engineering

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A new mushroom complex engineering is a rather difficult task. It requires the collaboration of specialists who understand the features of the future operation of the object and organization who build high-standard farm. The farm should be built according to the customer’s task and mushroom industry standards. The price of errors increases especially