Ukrainian Mushroom Days are taking place on 20-21st of October, 2021 in Kyiv

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On October 20-21, 2021, the great meeting of cultivated mushroom producers and suppliers of the industry from 20 countries takes place. IV International Exhibition-Conference Ukrainian Mushroom Days takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine at Mercure Kyiv Congress hotel 4*.  Usually, the event gathers 400 mushroom producers, nearly 50 exhibitors and 25 international experts as

GreenAl company will present products at Ukrainian Mushroom Days Exhibition-Conference

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Products: Aluminum and combined (aluminum + galvanized steel) racks for growing champignons, oyster mushrooms and exotic mushrooms Harvest rack trolleys Floor trolleys for collecting from 1st to 2nd tiers of the rack Platforms for collecting from 1 to 2 tiers of the rack Bucket Dryers Balance Charging Stations Stools Transport trolleys Stairs Spare

Alpie become a silver sponsor of Ukrainian Mushroom Days

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For 50 years ALPIE has been working with passion alongside mushroom and compost producers, creating machines for composting facilities and mushroom growing farms to facilitate and optimize the work of its customers.In ALPIE you will find:An experienced CONSULTANT who can advise you on the solution that best suits your technology, budget and productivity needs.An

TORADO is the exhibitor if Ukrainian Mushroom Days

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Products: Mushroom growing coating mixture The company TORADO sells coating mixtures mainly in sealed bags. This provides a minimum of three positive properties for the product: during transportation, it does not become infected, during storage, the seal prevents pathogens from entering the mixture, and this also ensures the preservation of moisture inside the

Champfood International is an exhibitor of Ukrainian Mushroom Days

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ChampFood International is headquartered in Vierlingsbeek, The Netherlands. We produce ChampFood, a worldwide available natural and organic supplement for growing mushrooms. Our company was established in 1991 and has ever since served the mushroom industry as a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of ChampFood. By permanently applying the latest technology in the area of

TerAgroFram is the first-time participant of Ukrainian Mushroom Days

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TerAgroFarm is a young mushroom production company from Ukraine. Participates in the exhibition and conference "Ukrainian Mushroom Days" for the first time. Products: fresh, dried and pickled champignons; spring onions green feather onion; gris (bran); eggs and other poultry products. The company began operations in May 2019. Production is situated in

Maksym Yenchenko: news of Ukrainian and Russia mushroom business

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Maksym Yenchenko is the organizer of  Ukrainian Mushroom Days and Amycel representative in Ukraine. He will talk about the mushroom market in Ukraine and evaluates it.  The report will detail the size of the mushroom market in the country, new trends in the industry, expanding the existing and opening new enterprises. Mushroom Market

The best ways of mushroom promotion by the president of Mushroom Council

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Mushroom Council - объединение производителей грибов в США, задачей которого является увеличение спроса на культивируемые грибы с помощью маркетинга.

Ihor Muzyka: loading compost Phase 3 into a growing chamber using loading combine

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In recent years, the supply of compost Phase 3 for growing champignons has rapidly increased in Ukraine. Many farms have already seen the benefits of working in the third phase of compost last year - it gives a higher yield, significantly reduces the risk of diseases, has a shorter cycle, producers get high-quality

Rafan Nawrotsky: what will be the future of compost in Ukraine

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The main supplier of compost to the Ukrainian market got a new owner last year. Also it  was given a new name - Agaris. As an industry leader, this is not the first time the company helped organize Ukrainian Mushroom Day and in 2020 Agaris is the Platinum sponsor of the event. Since