IV International Exhibition-Conference
NEW DATES: September 7-9, 2020 - Кyiv, Ukraine

1-st and 2-nd Day. Fresh ideas are the main conference goal

“Ukrainian Mushroom Days” conference is the biggest forum of the Ukrainian mushroom industry. We invite the speakers for talking about the main topics: how we can imagine the future of mushroom growing, how we can solve the main problems of this industry, among which are the price and yield fluctuation, a shortage of staff, profitable investment destination and many other actual topics.

1-st and 2-nd Day. Fresh ideas are the main conference goal

What are we going to talk about

  • About the mushroom market of Ukraine and neighboring countries
  • About promotion concepts and possibilities of increasing mushroom consumption
  • About the novelties of technology
  • How many mushrooms can be lost by the farm if the process of mushroom picking will be organized incorrectly. Also, how it can be fixed.
  • About the construction and design of new mushroom complexes


1-st and 2-nd Day. Exhibition for mushroom producers

From balers for collecting straw to trays for packing mushrooms, there are suppliers of any goods and services that a mushroom farm may need. Equipment, compost, automation, casing soil, shelving, spawn, plant protection products, nutritional supplements and much more will be presented at the exhibition.
The most important thing is that all market leaders take part in the exhibition, so you will find not just offers, but the best offers!

1-st and 2-nd Day. Exhibition for mushroom producers


Days III. Excursion to Agaris compost yard

Days III. Excursion to Agaris compost yard

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Mercure Kyiv Congress, 6, Vadyma Hetmana Str.


The best ways of mushroom promotion by president of Mushroom Council

January 9, 2020

  The best ways of mushroom promotion by president of Mushroom Council How to convince consumers to eat mushrooms instead of meat? Where the mushroom shelf in the supermarket should be placed? In which way the dishes with mushrooms in the restaurants can be increased? How to grow up the potential mushroom consumers from school? …

High yield secrets by independent consultant and trainer Lina Turovska

January 22, 2020

Do you buy the best farm-to-table preparations, switch to phase 3, but the yield is low? It’s time to reflect on your mushroom picking system. Our expert Lina Turovska will help with this – an independent consultant, founder of his own training center for mushroom pickers. Lina is a real crisis manager not only for …

Michael Barth: “Nematodes are more effective in fighting mushroom mosquitoes than chemistry”

January 30, 2020

You can buy officially imported predatory nematodes of the German company E-Nema – one of the world leaders in the production of nematodes. It has been available in Ukraine for more than a year.  In those farms where the chemical was replaced with nematodes, things work better. Why is this so? How does the effect …

Ihor Muzyka: loading compost Phase 3 into a growing chamber by a loading combine

February 5, 2020

In recent years, the supply of compost Phase 3 for growing champignons has sharply increased in Ukraine. Many farms have already seen the benefits of working in the third phase of compost last year – it gives a higher yield, significantly reduces the risk of diseases, has a shorter cycle, producers get high-quality mushrooms and …

Rafan Navrotsky: what will be the future of compost in Ukraine

February 6, 2020

The main supplier of compost to the Ukrainian market last year received a new owner, and with it a new name – Agaris. Being the industry leader, the company is not the first time helping to organize Ukrainian Mushroom Days and in 2020 is the Platinum sponsor of the event. Since 2018, the company has …

Maksym Yenchenko: news of Ukrainian mushroom business

February 10, 2020

The conference organizer and Amycel representative in Ukraine Maxim Yenchenko will conduct an assessment of the Ukrainian mushroom market in his, which is traditionally held by the Umdis News Agency for the conference. The report will talk about the size of the mushroom market in the country, new trends in the industry, expanding existing and …

The new dates of Ukrainian Mushroom Days are 7-9 of September.

March 17, 2020

Dear Partners, In view of spreading of coronavirus in many countries, to make Ukrainian Mushroom Days, as usual, safe and effective, we decided to postpone the exhibition-conference to the beginning of autumn. The unpredictable pandemic situation is a problem for all of us, but we are confident that the decision should be made in advance …

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