Project Description

Do you still buy the best medication, switched to phase 3, but the yield is still low?

It’s time to analyze your mushroom picking system. Our expert Lina Turovska will help with it. She is an  independent consultant and founder of her own training center for mushroom pickers. Lina is a real crisis manager not only for Ukrainian enterprises, but for companies from Canada, England, Belarus, Poland, and Ireland also. Among her achievements:

  • launching two farms from scratch
  • reduction of staff turnover from 50% to 2%
  • average yield of 34 kg / m2 (phase 3)
  • more than 1000 classes and 5 author  techniques for mushroom picking

Lina knows, the wrong organization of mushroom picking leads to unprofitable consequences for mushroom farms. Sometimes it may be fatal.:

– loss of the harvest  (sometimes up to 6 kg / m2)

– decrease of  product quality

– turnover of employee

Therefore, she carefully prepares her speech at the conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” to do her best at investing her knowledge and experience that she acquired on her way to help beginners “get the right start” and to prevent the existing producers from possible financial losses.

Lina Turovskaya is a specialist in the organization of mushroom picking, with an emphasis on the word “organization”. Because this concept goes far beyond the collecting itself.  Knowledge about selective collecting and its proper application  are  very important for pickers, but not less important for the result are other aspects: introducing a system of training for new pickers, bringing to the pickers information about their results and achievements, payment system, living conditions, interaction with supervisors and management, building a system of bonuses and penalties, etc.

Lina Turovskaya will analyze the most critical “points” that should be addressed on the farm in relation to the organization of the work of pickers.

Waiting for you at IV Exhibition-Conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days”