UMDIS, organizer of the exhibition-conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” announces the postponement of the event to June 2021.

Currently, Ukraine is in conditions of high incidence of COVID-19, quarantine restrictions, limited ability to fly and cross borders. And in this situation, we have a significant risk of not giving guests the full set of positive impressions that we consider it our duty to provide.

We will make “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” at the highest level! But we have to ask to wait until the beginning of next summer. Now we are postponing the dates of the event to June 2021 and crossing our fingers so that by this time the situation is safe enough to hold the best Ukrainian mushroom days.

Funds return

During the year, UMDIS agency prepared an exhibition-conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days”, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot hold the event on the agreed dates.

You will provide us with a huge service and support our activities if you allow us to credit the funds paid for participation as a prepayment for the “Ukrainian Mushroom Days” planned for next year. As a token of gratitude for this, we will give you a special discount of 20% for participation in the event. (If the amount you paid exceeds the cost of participation, we will refund the difference).

You can also claim a refund. To do this, please fill out the APPLICATION and send it to [email protected].