On October 20-21, 2021, the great meeting of cultivated mushroom producers and suppliers of the industry from 20 countries takes place. IV International Exhibition-Conference Ukrainian Mushroom Days takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine at Mercure Kyiv Congress hotel 4*.  Usually, the event gathers 400 mushroom producers, nearly 50 exhibitors and 25 international experts as speakers.

Ukraine is the country with nearly 60 thousand tons of mushrooms produced annually. The country is geographically situated between countries of Western Europe from one side, Russia, and Belarus from the other, and also Central Asian countries – due to it, Ukrainian Mushroom Days have become the comfortable place for offline industrial meeting for many countries.

The organizer of the event is UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency in Eastern Europe, which has been operating since 2012 (https://www.umdis.org/).

The Sponsors of Ukrainian Mushroom Days 2021 are: Agaris, Agro-Pojects, Svit Solomy, Amycel, Alpie, Atmo-Control, Wojtek, Elmex, DMP, Hoving Holland, EuroMycel, Mexeo, GTL-Europe, Vierrebi.

Ukrainian Mushroom Days are three attractions in one. The event includes two days of ongoing Conference and Exhibition. And the Gala Dinner party with the banquet, artists and performance on the first day. The third day is free bonus for participants from Platinum Sponsor – it is devoted to the Tour to the largest compost yard.

During the weekend, the participants will be able to order a trip to the mushroom farms or a tour to see Kyiv and visit the greatest tourist attractions, including monuments, the city center, restaurants, galleries, and clubs.

About the event

Ukrainian Mushroom Days bring together producers of cultivated mushrooms, suppliers of compost, casing soil, spawn, equipment, automatics, packaging, services, and others involved in the mushroom market.

About 40% of all guests are foreigners from the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Turkey, China, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries.

The event takes place at Mercure Kyiv Congress on an area of ​​5,000 m2.

Usually, Ukrainian Mushroom Days gather 400 participants.


The conference as the part of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days is a large forum where the producers of cultivated mushrooms meet with international experts, consultants and discuss the situation in the industry. Speakers talk about issues of sales, marketing, technology, innovations, harvest optimization, the situation on the global mushroom market, and other top-current topics of the industry. The program currently includes such presentations and will continue to expand.

  1. Maksym Yenchenko, Director of UMDIS, Representative of Amycel SARL, Ukraine

How has the industry changed during the pandemic of COVID-19?

Eastern European mushroom market.

  1. Rafal Nawrocki, CEO of Agaris compost yard, Poland

Future of compost in Ukraine.

  1. Bart Minor, Mushroom Council, USA

How can the industrial body help with selling mushrooms?

How to make mushroom promotion and achieve good results?

  1. Steve Lodder, Monterey Mushrooms, USA

The benefits of vitamin D as a trigger for mushroom sales.

  1. Daniel Dajewski, President of Agro-Projects, Poland

Agro-Projects` machines for filling and empting Phase II and III compost.

  1. Wim van Vugt, Christiaens Group, The Netherlands

New technology of mushroom picking with a minimum inclusion of human resources.

  1. Roman Stolper, consultant of Amycel SARL, Ukraine

Large and small errors in the design of a mushroom farm.

What is worth to know about composting process.

  1. Bartosz Jan Skipor-Rybacki, consultant of Agrais, Poland

How to use chemical products for mushroom production without harm to the crop.

  1. Igor Muzyka, Director of the GELEKA-M mushroom farm, Ukraine

Filling of the Phase 3 compost into the growing room with a head filling machine.

  1. John Clay, Sales Director Europe at Amycel SARL, Great Britain

What determines the quality of the spawn?

  1. Lina Turovska, Corporate Harvest Manager West in Highlinemushrooms, Canada

Effective organization of mushroom picking.

  1. Alexander Melnik, Purchasing and Production Director at Ortika Frozen Foods, Russia, Ukraine

What’s new in mushroom freezing technology.

  1. Nikodem Sakson, consultant, Poland

Disinfection, sanitary condition of chambers and social rooms.

  1. Artem Kovalenko, Owner of mushroom farm VKZ, Ukraine

How the cost of mushroom production has changed.

  1. Joanna Szumigaj-Tarnowska, microbiologist, Assistant professor at the Cultivated Mushroom Laboratory at the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, Poland

Epidemiology, identification and control of Verticillium and Mycogone.


Exhibition as the part of Ukrainian Mushroom Days usually gathers 50 exhibitors from Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

Now there are more than 40 confirmed exhibitors, including Agaris, Agro-Pojects, Svit Solomy, Amycel, Alpie, Atmo-Control, Wojtek, Elmex, DMP, Hoving Holland, EuroMycel, Mexeo, Christiaens Group, Ceres, FH Blansh, A-Sintez, Agro, TenCate, Torado, Konsol-7, Wokas, Green-Al, Mega, Plastic Pack, Grow time, Lucky Grower, McSubstradd, Veres, ChampFood, Industrial Solutions, Zikoplast, Peat Fine, LAB-EL, Italspawn, Elmak, Lucky Grower, Vierrebi, RubCoat, MikoVit, Fancom, Elit-Grunt, GTL-Europe.

The cost of the exhibition space is EUR 120 / m2. The cost includes participation of one company representative in the event.

Gala Dinner Party

On the first day, participants and exhibitors are invited to the Gala Dinner Party. That is a great banquet with holiday dinner tables, artists, popular singers, and performance – with dances, competitions, and much fun. Awards of the industry are being presented at this event.

The Gala Dinner is a great opportunity to establish relations with partners in an informal setting. Participation in the Gala Dinner Party is free for all participants and exhibitors of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days.

Tours and activities

On Friday, October 22, a trip to Agaris, the largest composting yard of Ukraine, will be organized.

During the weekend, the participants of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days can ask to join one of the trips with the previous application. It can be the tour to some mushroom farms. Or the sightseeing tour around Kyiv – to Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, built in 1051, to the caves, to the city center, to the museum of water, the Chernobyl museum, to the deepest in Europe Arsenalna metro station (105 m underground), to the glass bridge and other attractions. The program also includes visits to the club and some of Kiev’s best restaurants.

Prices for participation in Ukrainian Mushroom Days

According to present laws – foreigners can easily enter the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian Mushroom Days is being organized according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and of The Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The participation fee of one person in the Exhibition-Conference and in the Gala Dinner Party depends on the time of paying. The price before the end of August is 200 Euro, and 250 Euro until the event.

More information is available on the website: https://www.mushroomdays.in.ua/en/  .

Questions can be addressed to:

Inna Ustylovska, PR Director,

+380935690941 (phone, WhatsApp),

[email protected]