In recent years, the supply of compost Phase 3 for growing champignons has rapidly increased in Ukraine.

Many farms have already seen the benefits of working in the third phase of compost last year – it gives a higher yield, significantly reduces the risk of diseases, has a shorter cycle, producers get high-quality mushrooms etc.

But it should be noted that for the best efficiency compost should be loaded into the growing chamber with a combine using of Phase 3. In this case, you can save money on bricketing and make the process of chamber loading r much better and faster.

What is needed to switch from loading briquettes to loading with a combine?

As it turned out, not only a harvester!

We asked  Igor Muzyka,  director of the company Geleka-M to tell us about his own  experience in switching to the Phase 3 compost and give answers to the following questions:

– why you should do the filling  with a combine;

– what carriage is needed for compost bulk transport;

– what are the requirements for shelves, landing, farm equipment;

– what is included in the set of equipment necessary for compost filling loose;

– What are the principles of choosing the right equipment  convenient for the existing farm;

– How much a set of equipment will cost and where it can be bought;

– How many people work in the compost filling team and what is the filling  speed;

– Filling process: where to start, what parameters to control;

–  whether we need a cellophane under the compost and whether the compost should be watered on a loading combine;

-what are the specificities of making CACing on a loading combine;

– hygiene rules during the loading process.

We are waiting for you at the IV International Exhibition –  Conference “Ukrainian Mushroom Days”.