• How to convince consumers to eat mushrooms instead of meat?
  • Where the shelf with mushrooms should be placed in the supermarket?
  • In which way the number of  dishes with mushrooms can be increased in the restaurants?
  • How to grow up the potential mushroom consumers straight from school?

These and other interesting topics will be taken up by Bart Minor, the president of Mushroom Council.

Mushroom Council is the United States organization of fresh mushroom producers created to increase the demand for mushrooms using the marketing.

One of the famous projects is The Blend — a cooking technique that combines chopped mushrooms with ground meat to make meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable.

The organizers of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days asked Bart to make a few presentations for the visitors. One of them will be about Mushroom Council functioning: how they pooled the financial resources, developed and implemented a marketing strategy, and the management features of this organization.

The second presentation will be based on ways of mushroom promotion. Bart will talk about the main areas of Mushroom Council work and share the cases.

The special price for the tickets is available till 31.07